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About Me

From a very young age, I loved climbing trees and boldly splashing in puddles amidst the wonder of my fairytale countryside in the south of England, watching animals and making fires.

But when the time for high school education rolled around, my revulsion for authority was immediate and obvious. The simmering resentment of my teenage years matured into petulant rebellion, full of heavy metal and cheap cider.

During those years, I spent most nights being hunted down by the malice of powerful foes. Police, army and demons chased me in the dark shroud of a recurring nightmare that played out time and again, ending just before I was caught.

The anger and confusion became more intense during the latter phase of my teens and came to it’s peak when I thought I’d find adventure and an honourable life following in my grandfathers military footsteps, since I didn’t know what else I wanted to do with my life.

In the nick of time, life was kind enough to throw me an apple. A good school friend asked me to join him on a ‘Gap Year’ around the world which unknown to me at the time, served to swerve me away from the idea of the battle field and into the light.

As we gazed over Macchu Picchu, with condors soaring in the wind, I knew my life would never be the same again. The nightmares stopped after a month.

After Peru I volunteered in beach hostels across New Zealand and Australia where I learned to open my mind to the world ‘out there’, which isn’t so scary.

I then lived in Canada for 5 years where I strode into the mountains to learnt personal power on the towering walls of rock and ice. A couple of times during the spring I travelled across to SE Asia to thaw out the deep freeze eventually leading me to India where I felt the ancient wisdom and spiritual energy rise up inside and spur on the urge for Truth and Freedom.

Life has been the greatest teacher of the all!

So it’s here that I wish to share with you my inspiration and gratitude. Thank you for the timelessness of the mountains, the nomadic tribe of global travellers, the spirit of India, appreciation for family, exotic foods, the dance of courtship, love and heartbreak, the celebrations of joy and the difficult times of great doubting while always driving ahead into ever present unknown.

All has brought to the knowing that we are One spirit having a human experience here on Earth. In this way, I aim to help by being the change we wish to see in the world.

In service to the whole.

Love & Light

Toby Pritchard