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Blissfinder – Timeline


  • My ‘near miss’ during a rock climb in Squamish, Canada – July

On a bizarre journey in Canada, I encounter an earth shattering storm in my solitude, and end up right where I started.

In the wintery cocoon of Revelstoke, Canada I muse on my burning passion to scale the mountains of America and my life.


Returning to England, I pine for more adventure in the West.

A sojourn to northern Spain.

Full throttle rock climbing, back in Squamish, Canada.

Epic alpine climbing in the Bugaboo mountains of Canada.

Trials & Tribulations in Yosemite, California, USA.

  • The hilarious road trip  from the deserts of Utah to the canyon walls of Potrero Chico, Mexico – December, 2012

2013 – Year of the Snake

Ice climbing, old fears and nostalgia of sunny days rears it head, as I write from my frozen trailer in Canmore, Canada.

Contemplations in the spring thaw & a monologue on motivation in Bishop, California.

A most excellent solo climb in Idyllwild, California with some after thoughts back in England.

A most auspicious moment at Burning Man, Nevada, USA.

A post Burning Man skirmish upon the alpine walls of the ‘Incredible Hulk’ in the High Sierras, California.

Oh crescendo! One more adrenaline pump on a famous rock tower in the magical desert of Joshua Tree, California.


Conversations aboard a roller coaster bus ride in Laos.

  • Inner darkness rising in Thailand – March

An awakening known as my ‘Hampi Happening’ arises in India.

Back in England, I encounter a shamanic leaf where visions of Tutankhamun guide me into starting Kundalini Yoga.

Meditations in Regent park, London.

In the forested parks of north London, I encounter the shamanic leaf once again. With visions of the Buddha, the mandala of life and the call of the Crow, great healing is facilitated.

Shamanic cleansing in London with the mighty plant medicine of Ayahuasca.

  • Sunrise in the Eyes of the Beloved – August (Draft)

Inner transformation continues in Bavaria, Germany.

2015 – River of Grace

  • Return to Presence / 40 Days & 40 nights (Burning in Grace) – January

Ego burning in the Goan sands, Goa, India.

Upon returning once more to India, I reflected on the roller coaster year I’ve had in the wake of my devotion to Self Realisation and walking into the complete unknown willingly.

The first chapter in a five part series, documenting the incredible flight across North India before my visa expires.

With full hotels and runaway buses, this chapter reminds us of the help that is all around.

Resting in the haze of love, I gaze upon the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra and find unexpected help when we come across an surprise roadblock.

With one week left, we land in the ancient and holy city of Varanasi where we ‘learn and burn’ in the Indian summer and soak in the Ganges river.

With 3 days left on my visa and 680km between Varanasi and Kolkata, how are we going to make it?

Resting from the whirlwind of India in Ubud, Bali I meditate on the search for happiness. It starts with an idea, a journey into the world and eventually a plunge inward.

After a vivid dream, I ride through the town of Ubud and comment on the spiritual seekers who attend the many workshops available.

Life is a teacher and learning can come in many forms grand and small. In this case, a Rottweiler puppy.