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When I was 18, I left the safe and familiar shores of England to escape the stigma I felt for not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Like most young travellers do, I went upon a quest to find myself in order to decide what university I was going to graduate and what kind of a person I was going to be in order to carve out my future success. As fortune would have it, that never happened. Crossing the Atlantic for the first time was actually my first step into the biggest classroom of the greatest school of all.

The University of Life!

8 years and 22 countries later, I’m still going. On the way, I’ve learned to climb mountains of rock and ice on the outside and mountains of personal anguish on the inside using Yoga, meditation, introspection and dance. This incredible journey would not have been possible without the help, kindness and guidance of friends, families, fellow nomads and the wisdom of nature itself.

Knowing that we are not separate from one another but united in Divine existence has led me on a path of living for giving in which everybody benefits.

To share amazing stories of human beings everyday, from adventure, kindness and comedy to the shift in consciousness, shamanism and the path of the free.

Together we can help each other to be the change that we want to see in the world.

                                                                   Thank you

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