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I am made of Light

Track: Infinitely Being – Kalya Scintilla

The front room glows in the dim candle light, the flickers emanate from the flames upon the small altar on my right, caressing and playing with the shadows of my laughing Buddha statue of prosperity and the flowers that adorn the mantle piece behind.

The living space feels clear and pure after my ritual of sounding the singing bowl in order to send away any lingering negative or stagnant energies accumulated throughout the day. This is my first time smoking DMT but not my first dive into this kind of alternate state induced by psychedelics.

With the energy cleansed, I then begin my intention, which is hugely important when trying any kind of mind expanding medicine because the mind itself is a powerful tool for creation. It’s always a good idea to state what you would like to experience beforehand (without attachment to the outcome) as your thought energy attracts the appropriate energies associated with that intention. I asked for wisdom and guidance as I had just returned from India and in the aftermath of an incredible awakening experience, I was beginning to search for real Truth and Freedom.

I go before both of my friends as I have more experience with psychedelics in general. One passes me the bong filled with the dried leaves packed inside. Sparking the lighter, I go for it, no half measures as always.

The effect is immediate. I notice a sort of crumpling plastic sensation in my chest as all sound turns to silence and my awareness rises above thought. I can’t speak but I keep my eyes open to witness what was going to be an incredible sight of multiple phenomena.
Before me, the white walls of the room merge into each other and the floor, leaving the feeling that I’ve been absorbed into a space of pure white light. As the walls melt, I look up to see the all powerful Egyptian God Amun-Ra stretch and expand across the white ceiling. (I didn’t know who it was at the time).
My head rests on the back of the cushion as I can barley register my body. The white space ahead opens into vastness as I gaze upon an emerging purple planet. After a moment or two, I realize that I’m floating along the rings of Saturn, only the spectrum of colours are different.

A colossal shimmering Buddha, also purple, walks into my field of view holding a whip. It silently motions a crack as it catapults towards my head. Upon contact it latches onto my Third Eye, that space between your eyebrows and it begins to bubble and pulse. Without a shred of fear I feel that the Buddha energy is channeling some kind of knowledge into my conscious awareness. I feel a huge sense of gratitude and put my hands into prayer position, pressing my two thumbs against my forehead, the way Tibetans do, with eyes closed.

At that exact moment, the music in the background begins to enter my field of awareness and ticks over to 4:34, the spoken word vibrating in the very core of my being;

“He looked at his hands, he felt his body and he heard his own voice say ‘I am made of Light, I am made of Stars. I am made of Light. And so it is.”

Breaking out into a smile, I feel immensely connected to everything around me.

Surprisingly, with my eyes closed, all turns to dark, like traditional space except it’s inner space. Outer and inner feel the same. Out of the depths of the dark void appears the smiling face of Tutankhamen, the famous Egyptian king. In his left hand he holds the staff of Osiris which he holds up to me. I ask him if it was he who sent the Snake┬áto which he nods. I thank him with love and a throbbing heart symbol beats from his chest as he smiles in agreement.

pineal staff with snakes
The Staff of Osiris

The high vibrational energy begins to reside as I enter the normal state of consciousness again and I rest in bliss and gratitude at this most auspicious experience. Opening my eyes again I see the room re assimilate back into order. The last thing I notice is an eye with a smile beneath, inside a coloured vase over in the next room. I get the feeling the Divine resides in all forms as it dissolves and becomes normal. The song ends and I bathe in the experience of what I just saw.

April 2014