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Karmic Justice

People talk about karma a lot these days, which is good, in terms of being open and aware of the possibility that there are repercussions for you actions, because it’s true, except is goes much deeper than surface level revenge.

Your whole life in fact is an acting out of your karma, so to speak.

Jesus Christ once stated the ‘Golden Rule’ of “Do to others as you would have them do to you” because he saw the unity of the formless essence in all beings. Therefore, he wasn’t just saying that to promote the noble virtues of being kind but was pointing to the simple Truth that if you hurt someone your only hurting yourself.

I’m not so drawn to investigate past lives because even karma can go and we are not that which comes and goes. However, when we have strong investment in the idea that we are only the body – mind and separate from each other, we simply call it our life drama because we think we are individual entities playing the game of survival.

Bad luck as well as good luck goes round and round until we somehow begin to wake up to the Reality of Oneness (Non Duality) and step out of the wheel of moral causation (Samsara) to enter the everlasting stillness and joy of Being, dissolving all karmic luggage.

  Perhaps this metaphor is appropriate;

Imagine yourself as a raindrop falling from the sky and landing in a mountain top stream, your life consists of twists and turns until you reach the ocean and die, evaporating back into the sky only to rain again. You will keep on repeating this cycle, learning and experiencing until you realize your true position lies in the canvas in which the weather takes place.

In other words, It’s just a play in which you are an actor, projector and audience.


Years ago when I was very young, I was all about playing army games, dressing up in camouflage, camping and shooting toy guns. I wanted to enlist when I finished high school but thankfully life threw me an apple and I started traveling around the world, soon forgetting about the ludicrous idea altogether. It only came up again when I started stumbling down the spiritual path.

In recent times, I’ve been told by reiki healers, psychics and palm readers that I’ve endured the pain of war in many previous lifetimes. Is it mere coincidence that my childhood interest was war games and I was such an angry teenager?

Also, I was once intimate with a spiritual seeker who informed me whilst in a trance, that during a former life in Italy, I killed her for cheating on me and committed suicide. We were meant to meet in order to forgive each other. Upon hearing this I felt a lingering sense of guilt burn off. I have to be honest, it happened and I felt lighter from then on.

But as more fears spread, I began to feel unworthy even in the face of my family and society because I didn’t know how I was going to be successful and make a difference. I only loved the freedom of the mountains yet in the midst of a meltdown something announced itself to turn inward.

So I did and a major test arose in Germany and India, drawing out all the poisonous fumes of jealousy, lust, anger and depression. All these tendencies mentioned above had been fed for so long unconsciously but where does all this suffering come from?

We think we are separate from another due to our difference in form. The world then becomes bodies against bodies, competition and to “get all your monies worth” as this mortal body is time bound and imagine we are this sole physicality only. Karma keeps on coming back around as we strive forward, “doing what we gotta do” as some kind of hero in our mental story against all the odds of the ‘external world’.

The fastest escape route out of this roundabout prison is Self Enquiry.


It starts with establishing the witness. Notice how time passes, the body grows and expires with it’s many functions operating whilst alive. Even the mind itself is observed as an ever changing storyboard. All these qualities are unstable with comings and goings. What is aware of this? Surely something stable, in whose presence all this appears and disappears. So where does this leave you?

Find out by asking ‘Where does this feeling of ‘I’ come from?

Suddenly, the ‘me’ that seemed so obvious and solid cannot be found to be stable. Where are you then? And what are you? The mind objectifies everything, including the idea of self but what perceives this object of perception? You cannot truly know yourself objectively, just like an eye ball cannot see itself and a knife cannot cut itself. Remain steadfast and keep looking inside for it’s source. Somehow the mind becomes immersed in this search and begins to expand when no-thingness is intrinsically discovered.    

Continue disentangling from the attachment to what is changeful. Let go. Eventually, you’ll be left with the quality-less feeling of ‘I am’. Simply here, not just as a body but as formless presence, present in you in the here and now.

This is the true meaning of Beingness because the combination of anchoring in this present moment and remaining as the eternal witness strikes a balance between form and the omnipresence of the formless Self, but what’s this got to do this karma?


In the opening pages of the Bible, God says “I am that, I am”. Is it not the same feeling of pure presence? This is what Christ meant by “I and the Father are One”.

When this is somehow felt confirmed inside the Heart, a great unburdening and depressurizing begins as you melt into the ocean of Now. Contradictory to the minds belief, Life continues to flow just fine without the Ego, in fact this Universal Intelligence knows everything about you and what you are here to express. Remaining empty and open inside without personal preference brings about the sweet fragrance of spontaneous existence.

Beingness permeates ever deeper with earnestness, resistance may surface but will pass as you hold onto ‘I am, here and now’, allowing space for the wholesome grace of God, your own Self, to flower inside and heal the wounds of mental fragmentation.

In my experience, self acceptance was an early indication that such forces were taking place. It ended the need for justification or ‘outer confidence‘ which melted away, leaving a sense to be only honest and enjoy the innocence of not knowing what will happen. Effortless reforging of family ties affirmed the reality of this discovery as I saw them for what they are, supportive and loving in kindness, each in the pursuit of their own happy life.

I am grateful more than ever.

So, other than a point of reference, the past lives matter not yet I cannot deny that the ‘little me’ tried all sorts of psychological attractions to try to seduce me back to it’s miserable identity.  Waves of negative voices and interpretations abated in my detached sense of simply ‘I am’, the Ego withered and I saw for the first time with Gods eyes.

Relationships, a need to ‘do something’, insecurity of what others thought and the incessant worry about money gradually dissolved. Without this sense of individual doer-ship, (bodies against bodies) the heaviness of moral causation dissipated in the light of this non dual Self awareness but who then is the Unseen Mover? Is it not you? Yes, but not as a person.

You as the ever lasting formless Self, the substratum of all existence. Pure, whole and eternally free.

In this way, all past ties and bonds to karma end or continue to be healed as you dance the unknown dance yet knowing that all is well. Ones expression flows from Now (The Source) and moves to the cosmic current, the will of the Divine.

This understanding is the greatest healing, not only for yourself but the world around you. You become an embodiment of the True.

The Self in service to Itself.