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Sometimes we meditate in order to stop our thoughts or make them go away, but this defeats the purpose of mediation. When we are attached to the outcome of our mediation it takes us out of the present moment because we are caught up in the desired result. When we mediate as empty awareness, we are truly receptive to the fruits of our practice.

Notice that the sense ” I am meditating” is seen by deeper impersonal awareness. That is what you really are. If you really want to be free of your matador mind, stay as the spectator, instead of chasing the red rag of changeful thoughts.

We can become attached to certain thoughts and feelings by giving them attention out of habit. When this happens, we turn a thought the size of a screen pixel into a full-blown blockbuster movie, giving it unnecessary significance. Instead, we can watch it from the sidelines, without identifying with it, and the drama will soon be over.

The easiest way to do this is to focus on ‘I am’, the intuitive sense of existence.  It is not, however, any tangible quality that your mind can create. The “I am” is an empty presence that observes all of the play of life.

Anything you perceive is an object of your perception, therefore you cannot truly be it because it comes and goes. As you confirm this over and over again, you stabilise in your inherent position as the witness. Slowly the habit of identifying with your thoughts fades away and you stabilise as Conscious Presence.

Now we can mediate on the question, “What is aware of the sense of ‘I Am’?”

This the formless, eternal, uncreated Being that you are. It goes by many names but it’s essence is nameless. You are That. Discover this now and put an end to all fears, desires and tribulations of the mind.

You are the Timeless, admit it.