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No Name Road

   Touching down in Vancouver during the summer of 2012, I headed straight back to Squamish on the west coast. I spent two months playing on the soaring granite walls of ‘The Chief’ and roaming the enchanted forest below.
This was the beginning of a new identity. “This is who I am now”  is what I would say. I began to think that I would not feel such joy and freedom any other way and thus created that splinter of a thought that was to cause of all trouble.
Climbing 'Doubt' V5
Climbing ‘Doubt’ V5
It would not have been possible for me to observe such things at the time because I was busy having too much fun. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and my first real taste of friends from around the world connecting around a campfire and sharing a rope on the wall. I will never forget this nor the beautiful people whom I spent this time with. Big love to you all.
It’s so good to be back. I’m ready for more action!

I enter the season with running momentum as I blast the boulders to boost my power endurance but to my egos surprise, I sprint into a metaphorical brick wall. The outcome being the opposite of what I wanted. The sloping holds, the razor crimps, the engaging powerful sequences. They shut me down. I’ve had a car wreck already and can hardly lift my flimsy arms. It’s been a week.

At first I am a little shocked, but the ego calms down and I am grateful for this pain. I expected to float the same boulder problems from last year and attempted the climbs with an undercurrent of nonchalant arrogance and pinch of complacency. But hey, each and every challenge you solve adds to your armour and makes you stronger. It is with this mindset, that I go forth and meet the next challenge head on with open arms.

Highballing the classic 'No excuses for Porn Hair'
Returning to  highball ‘No excuses for Porn Hair’

Despite the initial set back I wouldn’t trade those 3 months in England for anything. I got to see my cousin Fab & Jerome get married, what a happy event that was to witness! and I got to explore and recognise my home country for its own beautiful quality. (Not to mention falling in love with sport climbing again thanks to Spain!)

Finally the deluge subsides and the rain clouds dissolve. The sun is shining, spirits have risen and it’s time for action. No dwelling on the past nor pining for the future. The walls are drying off in the sunshine, the towering sentinel is beckoning.
The time is now, Let’s Go!


After an incredible summer of play, the forgotten notebook is found, cobwebs dusted off as I offer the final toast to the transient tribes that we have yet to know and to the people we live with now. The parties in the prehistoric forests, slack-lining on the beach, jamming out to quality tunes and the campfires. So sweet to be hanging with the big family.
"Climb hard, Chill hard"
“Climb hard, Chill hard”
A big thank you also goes to the ever present support of friends and family back in England that is always greatly appreciated. I love you all, because you guys are getting to know this crazy pursuit. I don’t where I’ll be and I don’t know how but i’ll relish every step down this no name road as I might just pull it off!