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What’s a Blissfinder?

Anyone that wants to be happy, free and abundant is a Blissfinder. That includes you right?! Let’s find out;

Do you find it fulfilling to give to others or to focus on what you want?

Do you work so you can go play or is the play your work?

Is your love for community local or global?

Is the urge for freedom around the corner or is it here present now?

Are you conscious of your affect on other people or is it all about you?

Are you grateful for the little things or only the grand?

Do you believe your stuck or believe that your dreams can be realized?

If your answers were on one side or a mixture of both, it doesn’t matter. They serve to illustrate that we all possess the capacity to appreciate and feel abundant, to take care of ourselves and other people, believe into existence what we think and to find joy in expressing ourselves. The only difference is to what degree do we express these qualities?

Hence, we are all Blissfinders!

Whether you want to pursue this, express it or not is up to you. This space is dedicated to the true Bliss that resides in all beings. The knowledge that we are inherently free, whole and abundant already as one body, one mind, one spirit.

The perfume of this understanding is love, joy, unity and kindness. If you agree or not it’s ok. All rivers lead to the same source but remember this, happiness starts with Love.

Be the change and enjoy every moment.

Thank You

“The one who is aware of his or her divinity while in the body is in a state of bliss beyond description, transcending bondage and liberation.

This is here, Now” – Sri Ramana Maharshi